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Contractor - 736 TAPS


Center for Veterans Enterprise

Verified and Certified

About Us:

The JTJ’s leadership possesses over 22 years of meritorious, dedicated military service under the Departments of the Air Force, Army, Navy and Joint Defense, providing administrative, supervision, leadership, postal and mail management support.

The JTJ organizational approach - namely, leadership, management, quality control, expert staffing mix, hands-on and team work - is fundamental to our success, and it allows our management team the latitude, insight, and visibility needed to monitor and improve task performance through our ability to identify potential problems quickly and, therefore, to provide on-time proper solutions.

The cornerstone of our Quality Control Program is our workforce performance whose hallmark is, “doing right the first time.” We are committed to the belief that quality must be built in - not added on. Each member of our work force understands that he or she has a personal responsibility to provide Quality Control and Client Satisfaction.

Our strong quality client service program is what distinguishes JTJ from other competing small businesses because we are focused on what is most important to our clients. We care and, above all, we listen, to the clients and employees we serve.

As part of our customer service philosophy, we challenge each of our employees to treat clients and customers precisely the way each wishes and expects to be treated!